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Behavioural Counselling

Using diagnostic testing to address health issues causing problematic behaviours.

Behavioural counselling is a long-term process to support your dog or cat with its behavioural challenges. It can be difficult to deal with problematic behaviour daily, especially when you feel like your dog or cat is not responsive to your commands or pleas. Our behavioural expert can support you in identifying the root cause and addressing the issue.

When do I know my dog or cat’s behaviour needs more support?

We offer individualized dog and cat behavioural counselling on a variety of issues including aggressive behaviour and inappropriate elimination. Your dog or cat’s behavioural issue should not have a negative impact on your daily life. If you notice you’re spending more time trying to address your dog or cat’s behaviour than enjoying their company, behavioural counselling could be the next step to support you. If you are concerned about some aspect of your dog or cat’s behaviour, please contact us and request an appointment with our experienced behavioural expert, Dr. Dave Sutherland at 905-571-3700.

What are some of the most common behavioural issues?

We support dogs and cats with a range of behaviour issues. Our team can support you with their:

  • Spraying (urinating)
  • Biting or chewing
  • Separation anxiety
  • Hyperactivity

How is their behaviour assessed?

First, we start with a consultation to determine the extent of your dog or cat’s behavioural issues. Since you spend the most time with them, you’ll be able to provide insights into the severity and impact of their behaviour. For example, how often does your dog or cat bite, hiss or scratch at other people or animals? Do they destroy your property? Have they been eating less? Next, we’ll determine if your dog or cat’s condition could be linked to an underlying health condition. If necessary, we’ll work on treating this to address their behavioural issues. With a behavioural plan, we can recommend therapy and other treatments. Addressing problematic behaviours requires patience and time.

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