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Weight Management for Pets

At a healthy weight, your cat or dog will be less likely to develop various health problems.

When your dog or cat is overweight, it puts them at a higher risk of developing certain health conditions that could even shorten their lifespan. Weight management not only supports weight loss but helps address the behaviours that contribute to dogs and cats being obese. If you have questions about weight management, please contact us at 905-571-3700.

How does weight management help with weight loss?

First, we’ll start by identifying your dog or cat’s ideal weight. This is based on their breed and size. Next, we’ll determine the necessary modifications you’ll need to make to support your dog or cat achieve this goal. This includes adjusting their caloric intake, reducing treats, and incorporating more exercise. Your dog or cat’s caloric intake will be based on their weight, breed, and size. To ensure you’re not giving them too much food, you’ll likely need to weigh their portions or count the number of calories they eat every day. Even simple adjustments like going for longer daily walks or increasing playtime every day can make a big difference.

What should I do if my dog or cat is struggling with the changes?

It can take some time for your dog or cat to adjust to their weight management plan. In the early stages, you could notice them begging for food in between scheduled mealtimes or staring longingly at their food bowl. One of the most important aspects of weight management is helping your dog or cat break out of bad habits. You can try engaging them in play or creating more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day. You can also give them any of the following healthy treats that are high in flavour but low in calories:

  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Pumpkin
  • Apples

How long does a weight management plan last?

It’ll take a few months before you start seeing the results of your dog or cat’s weight loss. The most important thing to do is to remain consistent. Even after they’ve reached their ideal weight, you should still maintain those healthy habits and behaviour to ensure your dog or cat doesn’t regain the excess weight.

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